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Quick Details

Two Seat Machine Select the number of machines to rent from us
Four Seat Machine Select the number of machines to rent from us
Six Seat Machine Select the number of machines to rent from us
Drive Your Own Machine Select the number of machines you'll bring and drive • We supply the glow gear!

Nighttime UTV Ride

Think riding during the day is fun? Try riding at night!

This tour offering is brand new as of summer 2020. Great for families, friends, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and kids of all ages!

How Does the Night Play Out?

Before leaving

  • The check-in process will begin 30 minutes before sunset. We will check your group in and make sure all waivers are on file.
  • After you are checked in we will assign you to your machine and give you a quick walk around to inspect for damage and give safety instructions on how to operate the machine.
  • Once we have completed the safety checklist, we will show you were the glow supplies are so you can begin decking your group out in our neon glow supplies. Necklaces, bracelets, LED foam sticks will be available. Use them on your body or machine. Don’t forget to take pictures too!
  • When you are done with your glow decorating feel free to take advantage of our cornhole games if you need to kill some time.
  • Some machines may not have lights if they are newly purchased machines. We will do our best to always give a machine with lights.

After leaving

  • We will have one lead machine (our employee) and they will guide the group on some awesome trails. Don’t be surprised to see some wildlife. Animals love to come out at night!
  • Each machine will keep a safe distance from one another while on the tour. Some trails will be bumpy, some will be smooth, but all of them will be fun.
  • We will ride for approx. one hour until we reach our bonfire destination. Upon arriving we will have a ready lit fire with music playing. Machines will be parked at a safe distance from the fire.
  • We will all exit our machines and you will have access to everything you need to make the perfect s’more. Hot cocoa and water will also be available.
  • We will hang at our bonfire destination for approximately one hour before heading back to our pick up location.

Upon arriving back at our location

  • When we arrive back at our location we will have staff directing you on where to go and park. Please DO NOT leave your vehicle until we tell you to do so. We need to do a quick walk around with every machine to inspect for damage. We will try and make this process as quick as possible.
  • We will do a quick walk around and then your group can exit the machine and turn in any rental gear such as goggles and helmets.